Trump’s Tough Talk on North Korea is only that…

The man with zero foreign policy experience prior to taking the White House is attempting to use Kim Jong Un’s stepped up aggression towards the United States to his advantage. And what is the President’s strategy for slapping down the Pacific dictatorship? Twitter.

I’ve made quite clear, my position as to what I believe should be done to deal with the DPRK, especially in light of their most recent threat, to launch an ICBM into the U.S. territory of Guam. We need diplomacy and we need reinforcement that countries unwilling to respect the peace of liberal democratic nations, which actually recognize the rights of their own citizens, will be subject to heavy sanction until made to step in line. In the event diplomacy fails, so to will a peaceful option with regards to the DPRK. With the regime getting closer and closer to replicating the nuclear technology held by the big players on the world stage, it’s coming down to that. I do not believe Trump has either the foreign policy insight, nor the political capital needed to navigate what a potential crisis this could become. And as we have seen in the case of Bush 43’s Iraq War, wartime presidents often gain immunity to criticism until the immediate shock following military action. In the case of Bush 43’s Iraq War, a great deal of the damage had been done before then.

This is yet another one of the countless reasons the stakes are ever too high, and why in a Western world and world in general that expects to survive, Trump must be found impeachable and become replaced by a real and proper president (after Pence is out too of course). One who solves foreign policy issues on established, proven forums and not on social media.


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